Panoramic Shot of the night city of Singapore The DJI Ronin M From a fishing village to a modern developed City – Singapore last few Kelong Twin Waterfalls EC pre-TOP inspection Flying at Punggol waterway
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Panoramic Shot of the night city of Singapore

This photo is taken with the DJI inspire 1, was careful not to fly within the flight path of our planes recovering from the south of Singapore towards Changi Airport. I was also mindful not to fly above the height of the building around the area so that aircraft will not get unexpected flying object […]

DJI Ronin M

The DJI Ronin M

Got the chance to grab the first batch of production Ronin M. It is a strip down version of the original Ronin. It weights about half the weight of the original, and an improved way of setting up. This gimbal is meant for smaller setup such as the GH4, 5D and etc. Anything less than […]

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.06.05 am

From a fishing village to a modern developed City – Singapore last few Kelong

Singapore was a small fishing village back in 1960s, people in Singapore do not have any natural resources. The only resource Singapore had was her people. Through hard work and one vision, Singapore together with her people has transformed into a developed country in a short 50 years. This Kelong filmed in the video is […]

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Twin Waterfalls EC pre-TOP inspection

Its been a 3 years wait since the day I put my deposit to book this executive condo. It was suppose to TOP early this year. But now it is already in Q2 and have no news of when it will TOP. So I flew my drones to check out the progress.   Check out […]


Flying at Punggol waterway

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon after a light shower from heaven. We gathered at the waterway to do some drone flying. We are lucky to find a tentage  erected for some events which happened the day before. We have a mini Hex self build, a 500mm Quad Self build, a 800mm Quad from Align and […]


HobbyWow FLYPRO – PX400

Recently HobbyWow jump unto the bandwagon of autonomous drone after Airdog made their first introduction. PX-400 brought it to another level by building in the FPV right from the start, and pricing is similar.   Abstract: World’s first portable Auto-follow & FPV Drone, routes flights, one key take off & landing, auto return, full carbon […]

Flying @ Punggol End



Vacation @ Hokkaido – Day 3 onwards

Internet access at Club Med was bad and I basically could not get any connection after day 3. Anyway, snowfall was too little for us to continue to learn skiing at the basic level. So we have to move on to Club 2 to continue our lesson at the professional ski slope. We learned how […]


Vacation @ Hokkaido, Japan Day 2

Today we had a full day of skiing, learning the basic from the beginning again. Both of us had some skiing experience about 11-12 years ago, but that was from our tour guide in Korea! At ClubMed, we had professional ski instructor who fitted us with the correct sized equipment. Anthony, our instructor for today […]


Vacation @ Hokkaido, Japan Day 1

6 Dec 2013 @ 11:25pm, Finally taking off to Hokkaido via China Eastern Airline MU566 and MU279. The service of China Eastern Airline has improved and by far one of the carrier with big leg rooms. The Journey was smooth and uneventful arriving at Shanghai Pu Dong International airport at about 4:30am. When we (My […]